Law eBooks, eCodals, and Reviewers

The use of electronic devices in the study of law is widely being adopted. And why not, it’s practical and convenient. Instead of carrying law books, you can just store them in your android device, iPad or iPhone. Instead of buying all those law books, you can just invest in an electronic device and then download legal resources online. Though of course the use of electronic devices may have its disadvantages, it cannot be denied this might just be the future of the study of law. So, for those students of law who want to make use of this innovation, feel free to download the resources we offer.

Below is a list of available law eBooks or eCodals which you can read using your android phone/tablet or your iPhone or your iPad. The ebooks/eCodals below are free.  Make sure that you have an ebook reader installed in your device (though such should already be pre-installed in your device). You can also read these ebooks using your desktop or laptop computer provided you have the necessary ebook reader software installed.

Steps in downloading.

1. Right click on the eCodal image/thumbnail.

2. Click “Save as” or “Save Link As” (You may also click on the ebook cover image and it will download automatically).

3. Extract the content of the downloaded file

4. Copy the extracted file to your device (preferably to your “ebook” directory or just simply put it in your “Files” directory.


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Available Ebooks…

Batas Pambansa Blg. 881 The 1987 Philippine Constitution eCodal
Presidential Decree No. 442 eCodal Anti-Human Trafficking Act eCodal
Act No. 2031 eCodal Rules 1 to 71, Rules of Court eCodal
Act No. 2031 eCodal