As a working student, I find it hard to insert reading law books while I’m working. And after work, my eyes are sometimes too tired to read. As a solution, I tried to make audio codals to help me memorize certain provisions of law. I am posting some of these audio codals here and hopefully help you guys in your studies as well. It helps me multi-task while at work (review while working).

Besides, some students find it easier to memorize by listening rather than reading. But I do recommend that you combine both.

These audio codals are in mp3 format. You can play them in your mp3 player, phones, or iPods.

NOTE: I’ll be posting these audio codals in a gradual manner so stay tuned. If you’d like to get updated please do SUBSCRIBE to this site.  🙂

DISCLAIMER:  The voice is not mine. I’ve used a software to make the audio recordings.

Also, should you encounter any trouble downloading these files, please leave a comment on the form below so that I could immediately fix whatever’s wrong. Thanks.


Civil Code

Transportation Law

Remedial Law

Civil Procedure

Mercantile Law

Negotiable Instruments Law

Commercial Law

Warehouse Receipts Law