The Myth of Staying Loveless During The Bar Exams

April 3, 2015
  • Status: In Law School!

Status: In Law School!

Every law student may have heard about at least one law professor telling them a story about how he or she had to break up with a boyfriend (or a girlfriend) during the time when he or she were to take the bar exams. The obvious reason is that they want to place their sole focus on the bar exams and to avoid distractions like being in a relationship.

Well, to me that is a myth – and I am here to bust that myth!

I was thankful to have such an awesome girlfriend when I was taking the bar. She’s the same girlfriend I’ve had even before I took up law. She weathered law school with me (even though she herself was not taking up law). When I’m up at night reading law books, she was there. When there are legal updates I’m not aware of, she advises me about it. When I was taking the bar, she was there. She gave me all the support she can give, no holds barred.

She waited patiently for me. She did not look the other way. I did the same of course! And when the ordeal of the bar exams was over, I married her! No way I am letting go of such a wonderful woman. She’s one in a zillion!

So there you go, my love life in law school. I did not look at her as a distraction but rather my inspiration! And I believe that’s how lovers in law school should be. 🙂

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Howard Chan is the founder of UberDigests. You can read his other articles here. Some of these articles were written during his law school days. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts!



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