MCQ: Torts and Damages

April 27, 2015
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Thank you for taking this test. This is a multiple choice quiz on the Law on Torts and Damages (Article 2176 to 2235 of the Civil Code of the Philippines). There are 13 questions in all. 

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The wrongful act which causes loss or harm to another is called:
The following entities must exercise the utmost diligence of a good father of the family because their business is imbued with public interest, except:
The loss or harm suffered by one person on his property is called:
The defense of fortuitous event applies in the following circumstances, except when:
Which of the following damages necessitates the award of other actual, moral, temperate and liquidated damages before it may be awarded:
In the computation of award of loss of earning capacity, the formula is:
Before moral damages may be awarded, the plaintiff must prove the factual basis and prove:
Which of the following damages may be awarded in case there is violation of the right of another committed in willful, wanton, and fraudulent manner:
A sophomore law student of La Salle University was hurt inside the school campus, by a grenade thrown by a member of another school fraternity, the law student may file damages against the University based on:
When a minor who surreptitiously enters a residential compound is drowned in a pond of water with multicolored lights illuminating different species of fishes in it, the owner thereof is liable for damages under the principle of:
Which of the following constitutes damnum absque injuria?
In quasi-delict and culpa criminal, in case of death the following damages may be awarded, except:
The vicarious liability of parents on damages incurred by minors living under their custody encompasses those incurred by:

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