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April 30, 2015
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Thank you for taking this test. This is a mock bar exam on Taxation Law taken from Atty. Bulang’s blog: There are 30 questions in all. Choose the best or the most correct answer.

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The usual modes of avoiding the occurrence of double taxation are:
Which of the following statements are true?
The following conditions shall be observed when there is a net capital loss carry over:
Citing Section 10, Article VIII of the 1987 Constitution which provides that salaries of judges shall be fixed by law and that during their continuance in office their salary shall not be decreased, a judge of a Regional Trial Court questioned the deduction of withholding taxes from his salary since it results into a net deduction of his pay.

Is the contention of the judge correct?
Assessment is:
What is the minimum compromise rate in cases of doubtful validity of assessment?
No credit/refund of taxes shall be allowed unless the taxpayer:
Barbaran municipality has an ordinance which requires that all stores, restaurants, and other establishments selling liquor should pay a fixed annual fee of P20,000. Subsequently, the municipal board proposed an ordinance imposing a sales tax equivalent to 5% of the amount paid for the purchase or consumption of liquor in stores, restaurants, and other establishments. The municipal mayor refused to sign the ordinance on the ground that it would constitute double taxation.

Is the refusal of the mayor justified?
The manufacture and importation of the following for local consumption are subject to excise tax, except:
Under RA 9010 the following will be subject to EVAT starting January 1, 2003, except:
Which of the following VAT transactions are not considered zero-rated?
The special deductions from the gross estate are the following, except:
Funeral expenses that can be claimed as deduction from the gross estate should be:
The following cases may not be compromised:
For purposes of the donor’s tax, the following are considered strangers:
This is a summary administrative remedy, seizure of real property to enforce payment of tax due:
Export of Marikina shoes is subject to:
The BIR commissioner may_________ payment of internal revenue tax when it appears to be unjustly or excessively assessed, or that the administrative and collection costs involved do not justify the collection thereof.
Which of the following cannot be considered as tax avoidance?
In order that retirement benefits may be exempt from income tax:

Statement 1: It must be paid to an employee who is at least 50 years old and has served his employer for at least 10 years.

Statement 2: The benefit must be received under an existing Collective Bargaining Agreement.
The prescriptive period for collection of taxes is:
The periodic decrease in the value of a fixed asset due to wear and tear, obsolescence or inadequacy
Tony has inadvertently omitted P100,000 income in his 2004 Income Tax Return. Upon discovery in 2005, the BIR issued an assessment for deficiency income tax for P100,000 plus 50% fraud surcharge. Meanwhile, Tony included the omitted P100,000 income in his 2005 Income Tax Return. What advice will you give Tony?
Jose is a law-abiding citizen who pays his real estate taxes promptly. Due to a series of typhoons and adverse economic conditions, an ordinance is passed by Quezon City granting a 50% discount for payment of unpaid real estate taxes for the preceding year and the condonation of all penalties on fines resulting from the late payment.

Arguing that the ordinance rewards delinquent taxpayers and discriminates against prompt ones, Jose demands that he be refunded an amount equivalent to one-half of the real estate taxes he paid. The municipal attorney rendered an opinion that Jose cannot be reimbursed because the ordinance did not provide for such reimbursement. Jose files suit to declare the ordinance void on the ground that it is a class legislation.

Will his suit prosper?
Tino is engaged in buying and selling of fresh fruits at the Q-Mart and Aranque Markets. He is also exporting canned and preserved fruits to Japan. In 2004, he made a gross sales of P2,000,000. He is liable for VAT registration fee of :
Assessment is necessary in the following cases, except:
Importation of automobiles is subject to:
Domestic sale of bagoong is:
Shirley was allowed to deduct P200,000 bad debts written off in 2003, where she had a net income before bad debts of P180,000 and a net loss of P20,000. IN 2004, she was able to recover the bad debts written off in full. The bad debts recovery is:
The following are required to keep books of accounts, except:

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