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April 30, 2015
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________________ is a counsel appointed or assigned by the court, by reason of experience and ability, to adequately defend the accused, who is usually an indigent, in a criminal case.
The following statements on lawyer’s fees are true, except:
The following are exceptions to the rule that “only persons admitted to the bar and of good and regular standing may practice law”, except:
The following persons are prohibited from engaging in the private practice of law, except:
Every applicant for admission to the practice of law must possess the following qualifications, except:
The following are instances of lack of good moral character that disqualifies an applicant for admission to the bar, except:
The following people are covered by the Code of Professional Responsibility, except:
The following persons have restricted right to practice law, except:
A young successful bar candidate was convicted of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide as a result of his participation in a hazing incident. After serving probation, may he be allowed to take his oath as lawyer?
The following persons may practice law despite not being admitted to the bar, except:
Who decides whether an offense involves moral turpitude or not in determining the moral character of an applicant for admission to the bar?
_________________ refers to a person who has strong interest in or views on the subject matter of an action, but not part thereto, who may be invited by the Court or who may petition the Court to help in the disposition of the issues submitted to it.
May a disbarred lawyer resume practice of law?
May a lawyer who lost Filipino citizenship still practice law?
________________ refers to solicitation of any kind of legal business by laymen employed by an attorney for the purpose, or by the attorney himself.
The following terms refer to a lawyer, except:
The age requirement for admission to the bar is at least:
_________________ refers to a person named or appointed by the court to defend an absentee defendant in a suit in which the appointment is made.
______________________ is a prima facie evidence of a person’s good moral character for purposes of admission to the bar.
In law practice, the following forms of advertising are permissible except:

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