April 3, 2015
  • 2015 Bar Exams
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2015 Bar Exams

The 2015 Bar Exams have been moved to November 2015. This will give this year’s bar candidates at least 7 months to prepare for the bar.

On this dedicated page, UberDigests shall collate and post as many updates as possible in order to help the upcoming batch of takers. Updates shall include tips, information, jurisprudence, and everything that might be of help to the takers.

Feel free to comment any information you may have and we shall add it here for everyone to view.

Good luck takers!


Official Website of the 2015 Bar Exams: Click here!

2015 Bar Exams Chairperson: Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro

Bar Exams Site: University of Santo Tomas – España, Manila


November 8, 2015 (Political Law and Labor Law);

November 15, 2015 (Civil Law and Taxation Law);

November 22, 2015 (Mercantile Law and Criminal Law);

November 29, 2015 (Remedial Law and Legal and Judicial Ethics)

Syllabus: Political Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Taxation Law, Mercantile Law, Criminal Law, Remedial Law, Legal and Judicial Ethics

Application to Take the 2015 Bar: Starts on June 15, 2015 and ends on July 31, 2015 (non extendible).

Application Forms:

First Takers

Requirements for First Takers

Repeat Takers

Requirements for Repeat Takers

Testimonial of Good Moral Character

Select Bar Bulletins: – –


The 2015 Bar Syllabus are the same as the 2014’s. Below are reviewers from PALS patterned from the 2014 Bar Syllabus.

Political Law

Labor Law

Civil Law

Persons, Property & Oblicon

Taxation Law

Mercantile Law

Criminal Law

Remedial Law

Civil Procedure

Criminal Procedure

Special Proceedings

Legal and Judicial Ethics



Political Law Atong Paglaum vs COMELEC – Party List System is not reserved to marginalized sectors – April 2013 Case (asked in the 2014 Bar Exams)
Araullo vs Aquino III – DAP Case – Unconstitutionality of the DAP – July 2014 Case
Belgica vs Executive Secretary – Unconstitutionality of the Pork Barrel – November 2013 Case
Labor Law
Civil Law Pereña vs Zarate – Transpo Case – School Buses are now considered as common carriers – August 2012
Fujiki vs Marinay – Family Code Case – Declaration of Nullity – When may a third party file annulment case – June 2013
Nacar vs Gallery Frames – Torts Case – Legal Rate of Interest is now 6% not 12% – August 2013
Taxation Law
Mercantile Law  Gamboa vs Teves – Corpo – Capital Pertains only to common shares – June 2011 Case (Asked in the 2012 and 2013 Bar)
Criminal Law  R.A. 10655 – Repealed the Crime of Premature Marriage under Art. 351 of the RPC – March 2015
Remedial Law  Overview of the Judicial Affidavit Rule
Legal and Judicial Ethics


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  1. |

    Sir, what were your references in the 8 BAR subjects during your review? And, what was your style in answering the BAR exam questions? Thank you in advance. God bless.

    • |

      I used San Beda Red Notes mostly. I made my own reviewers in Crim and Labor (patterned from the 2014 Syllabus). Also used ChanRobles notes in labor. I also read the handouts from PALS.

      As to style, I used the “Decisive Answer – Major Premise – Minor Premise – Conclusion” Style. So my answers in the bar would normally have 4 to 5 sentences.

      • |

        Can you share a sample of how you answer?
        How about in other subjects, what were your references?
        Your help will be highly appreciated Sir. Thank you po.

        • |

          I don’t have my notebooks yet. Not sure yet when and how to get them but I’ll try to look into my old notebooks in law school.

          For the other subjects, I just used the Bedan red notes. You can actually order from San Beda now for you to get their latest edition.

  2. |

    I hope you can share your style in answering through a sample. Thanks in advance, and may you continue to be an inspiration to others. God bless.

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